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Join the Lavender Days Raffle Chase!

The Lavender Days Raffle Chase has begun in Menomonee Falls Downtown!

How to Play

  • Complete one or more "missions" from July 10th - 14th.

  • For each completed mission, you'll receive purple raffle tickets.

  • You need not complete all of the missions - do as many as you like!

  • No registration is required. Just get your team together and GO! 

  • Be sure to wrap up your missions and leave plenty of time to collect your raffle tickets from businesses no later than 4 pm on July 14th.


Bring all your hard-earned raffle tickets to Falls Lavender Fest on July 15th in Village Park and enter them into our prize raffle. The drawing takes place at 3 pm! You do NOT need to be present to win. 

The Missions

  1. Take a hilarious selfie in front of Art Lounge while striking your best superhero pose. Show it to the an employee at Chocolate Falls. 

  2. Make a video of your best runway modeling walk in front of Babe Beauty. Show it to  Olive Branch. 

  3. Raawrr! Show us your talons in front of Talonz! Take photo and show it to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa.

  4. Go to Copper Wings Candle Company and record a video of yourself doing an energetic dance routine in front of it. Show your choreographed masterpiece to Robin’s Nest. 

  5. Peek in the window of Just Kiln Time and count the number of chairs in their front room. Write that number on a slip of paper and stealthily show the number to someone at Poppy & Thyme.

  6. Proudly hold an imaginary bouquet of flowers in front of Bank of Flowers. Snap a pic and show it to Chocolate Falls.

  7. Take a selfie with your bestie in front of Falls Liquor. Bonus points for silly faces. Show your photo to Chocolate Falls. 

  8. Snap a photo of the big t-shirt at MJM Print & Embroidery. Show it to Olive Branch.

  9. Leave a quarter on the corner of each step of the Legion Post. Snap a photo of yourself pointing to them while saluting and show it to Robin’s Nest. 

  10. Create a dramatic situation involving one of the balloons on the balloon mural near PNC. Snap a pic and show it to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa.

  11. Using any downtown restaurant menu, take a video of yourself doing a funny impersonation of the chef describing the most bizarre dish on offer. Show your video to Poppy & Thyme.

  12. Snap a photo of the ‘three dresses” outside of Robin’s Nest. Show your photo to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa. 

  13. Head to Thriftopia and take a photo of yourself trying on the wackiest thing you can find. Show your photo to Olive Branch.

  14. Find Fern the Wishing Pig, deposit a quarter, and create a funny video with her as the main character. Show your video to Robin’s Nest. 

  15. Make a video of a team member receiving an imaginary haircut using your fingers as scissors in front of Gent’s Barber Shop. Show your video to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa.

  16. Head to Olive Branch Boutique on Main and admire their creative window display. Take a photo of yourself imitating the display in a funny way. Show your photo to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa.  

  17. Your team just won the world championship bowling tournament at Kruegers. Film a mock press conference with the Krueger mural to your back. Tell fans what they mean to you. Pretend to hold a trophy that’s too heavy. Bonus points for extra theatrics. Show your video to Poppy & Thyme. 

  18. Visit Fiddleheads and order a drink with the most complicated name. Take a video while attempting to drink it with exaggerated dramatic sips. Show your video to Poppy & Thyme. 

  19. Take a photo of yourself giving a thumbs-up in front of Pink Lemonade. Then, shoot a short video pretending to have a conversation with the heron in their mural. Show both to the team at Robin’s Nest. 

  20. Set up outside one of our downtown photography studios and pretend to do a celebrity photoshoot with a member of your team. Film it or the “celebrity” sighting didn’t happen. Show it to Chocolate Falls. 

  21. Go to Village Park and take a group photo pretending to have a wild picnic with invisible food. Then, shoot a video of everyone pretending to eat and laugh uproariously. Show both to Chocolate Falls. 

  22. Visit Rustic Rehabs and find a quirky or funny sign. Take a photo of yourself striking a pose that complements the sign's message. Show your photo to Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa. 

  23. Roll up your sleeve and show off your real or imaginary tattoo while standing in front of one of our downtown tattoo parlors. Snap a pic and show it to Chocolate Falls. 

  24. Ask a stranger to take a photo of your group in front of the “Welcome to Menomonee Falls” mural. Bonus for silly faces and tongues out. Show your photo to Robin’s Nest. 

  25. Give a team member a shoulder massage in front of Kneaded Time Massage. Snap a photo of their post-massage relaxation face. Show it to Olive Branch. 

  26. Visit Batter & Mac and take a photo of the most mouth-watering treat, while pretending to gobble it up in one bite. Show your photo to Olive Branch. 

  27. Go to Chocolate Falls and write down the name of your favorite item and create a new, weird name for it. Then, shoot a video where you and your friends act as enthusiastic salespeople, promoting that item with exaggerated gestures and persuasive pitches. Show it to Poppy & Thyme. 

  28. Head over to Midvintec and take a video of yourself pretending to have a full conversation with an inanimate object as if you were back in the 60’s. Show it to Poppy & Thyme. 

  29. Go to Peace Yoga and take a video of yourself pretending to mow Diane’s front lawn with your invisible lawnmower that is hard to start. Extra raffle tickets for sound effects! Show it to Robin’s Nest.

  30. Write a poem or haiku about your favorite business in the Menomonee Falls Downtown District. Send it to - this one is just for fun and the chance for it to be featured!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Raffle Chase begin?

July 10th, 10 am


How much does it cost to play?

The game is free. 


How do I register to play?

There is no registration required. Simply complete missions in exchange for raffle tickets. 


How do I find a copy of the missions?

The missions can be found on the Falls Lavender website on July 10th.


Which businesses are participating and is there a map? 

They are listed in the individual missions. There is no map - part of the fun of the missions is to figure out where all the businesses are and get to know your local business community. 


Do I have to do all 30 missions?

No! You can pick and choose missions and do as many or as few as you like. 


Do I have to complete missions all in one day?

No! You can do them all throughout the week of July 10-14th. The chase officially ends at 4 pm on July 14th and no raffle tickets will be awarded after that time. 


Note: Please be sure to check the operating hours of participating businesses so you can ensure you a) can complete missions at their locations and b) receive raffle tickets for the missions you’ve completed. 


How many raffle tickets does our team get for each mission? 

It varies - the harder the mission, the more tickets you’ll earn. Extra tickets will be awarded for those that go above and beyond so give it your all and have fun!

When and where is the raffle?

The raffle will take place at Falls Lavender Fest on July 15th at Village Park. The drawing begins at 3 pm and all raffle tickets must be turned in before that time to be included in the drawing. You do not need to be present to win.  

Can I play solo or do I have to put together a team?

The missions may be a little more challenging to do as a solo player but not impossible. We encourage you to play with friends or family members and make some fun memories though! 


Is the Raffle Chase appropriate for children to play? 
Yes! We designed the Raffle Chase for all ages. We would love to see lots of junior Raffle Chasers participating in the game with their families! 


If I have any other questions, where should I send them?

Email and a member of our committee will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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