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Giving Back to the Community

The Original Lavender Lemonade Stand

Come visit The Original Lavender Lemonade Stand at Falls Lavender Fest and support a great cause!


Operated by Metro Harvest Church, this stand is a fundraiser for Redeem and Restore Center, an organization that helps women restore their lives after being trafficked and exploited. Last year, the lemonade stand raised over $8000, and in 2023, our goal is to reach $9000.


Grab a cup of our delicious and refreshing lavender lemonade, and help make a difference in these women's lives!

The Big Chair

At the center of Menomonee Falls' downtown district, situated on the corner of Main and Appleton at Centennial Plaza, stands the iconic Big Chair.


This landmark, originally blue in color, was given a lively makeover thanks to a donation from the Falls Lavender Fest committee.


The committee commissioned Stacie Estrada from Art Lounge to paint the chair with an array of imagery inspired by the downtown area and the events held there.

Don't forget to climb up and snap a few pictures at this must-see attraction!

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