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Join the Lavender Days Raffle Chase!

The chase begins in ... 

The Lavender Days Raffle Chase is coming to Menomonee Falls Downtown! The game runs from July 18th - 22nd. There's no registration required - simply play with a friend, your family or put together a team! Give them a cool name and you're on your way!

How to Play

Complete as many "missions" throughout Menomonee Falls Downtown as you'd like during Lavender Days (July 18th - 22nd). Every time you complete a mission, you'll receive purple raffle tickets. The more missions you complete, the more raffle tickets you'll earn!


Bring your hard-earned raffle tickets to Falls Lavender Fest on July 23rd in Village Park and enter them into our *massive* prize raffle. The drawing takes place at 3 pm!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Raffle Chase begin?

July 18th


How much does it cost to play?

The game is free. 


How do I register to play?

There is no registration required. Simply complete missions in exchange for raffle tickets. 


How do I find a copy of the missions?

They can be found on the Falls Lavender website AFTER July 18th:


Which businesses are participating and is there a map? 

They are listed in the individual missions. There is no map - part of the fun of the missions is to figure out where all the businesses are and get to know your local business community. 


Do I have to do all 20 missions?

No! You can pick and choose missions and do as many or as few as you like. 


Do I have to complete missions all in one day?

No! You can do them all throughout the week of July 18-22. The game officially ends at 4 pm on July 22nd and no raffle tickets will be awarded after that time. 


Note: Please be sure to check the operating hours of participating businesses so you can ensure you a) can complete missions at their locations and b) receive raffle tickets for the missions you’ve completed. 


How many raffle tickets does our team get for each mission? 

It varies - the harder the mission, the more tickets you’ll earn. Extra tickets will be awarded for those that go above and beyond so give it your all and have fun!

When and where is the raffle?

The raffle will take place at Falls Lavender Fest on July 23rd at Village Park. The drawing begins at 3 pm and all raffle tickets must be turned in before that time to be included in the drawing. You do not need to be present to win.  

Can I play solo or do I have to put together a team?

The missions may be a little more challenging to do as a solo player but not impossible. We encourage you to play with friends or family members and make some fun memories though! 


Is the Raffle Chase appropriate for children to play? 
Yes! We designed the Raffle Chase for all ages. We would love to see lots of junior Raffle Chasers participating in the game with their families! 


If I have any other questions, where should I send them?

Email and a member of our committee will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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